How does it work?

If you live in California, you may be eligible to earn $50 for signing up and up to $50 every two months for the duration of your participation in the program. Rewards are subject to change in Honda’s sole discretion. 

Honda SmartCharge Beta Program Overview

Honda SmartCharge monitors wholesale electricity markets for when energy demands spike and inefficient peaker power plants need to pick up the slack.

In such events, we defer charging temporarily until the grid electricity load has dropped sufficiently to avoid needing these inefficient fossil fuel power plants. This happens automatically, while ensuring your car is at maximum charge when you need it.

By adjusting the time of charging of your Fit EV along with other Fit EVs in your area, Honda earns payments from its utility partners and is then able to share those profits with you.

Want to know more about Honda SmartCharge Rewards?

What are the qualifications to participate?

Honda is starting the roll out process with Southern California Edison customers. Currently, we are reaching out to Honda Fit EV customers who we think would be a good fit for the program. If you are interested in signing up and have not been contacted by a Honda representative, you can express your interest by sending an email to and provide your name, email address, Honda Fit EV VIN, and the name of your utility provider.

When will this program be rolled out to the Honda Clarity?

Honda will study the results of the beta program among Fit EV customers, with an eye toward applying it to other electrified vehicles, including the Clarity Electric and Clarity Plug-in Hybrid.

What is this program all about?

The Honda SmartCharge Beta Program allows you to charge your FIT EV in a way that seeks to maximize your use of renewable energy and to minimize your contribution to peak energy demands – all while earning rewards for participating!

The Honda SmartCharge Beta Program is known as a “demand flexibility program.” Normally, you come home, connect your vehicle to your charging station, and leave it overnight. Your vehicle charges immediately, or during the pre-programmed times, and doesn’t do much else until you use it again. Once you’re enrolled in the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program, your actions to charge are the same, but during the time your vehicle is plugged in, Honda and its service provider compute, and then adjust in real-time, the best time to charge your vehicle. While your vehicle is charging, Honda’s demand response provider monitors the grid to know when congestion is low and when renewable energy production is high and, using that data, notifies Honda when to start and stop charging for the greenest, most efficient result.

During setup, you pick the times you expect to arrive and when you need to depart. This allows Honda to know when you need your vehicle charged. At all times, Honda SmartCharge will attempt to honor your requested end charging time so that your vehicle is charged and ready when you need it.

Am I giving up any control by participating?

No. Your needs are always the first priority and you’re able to override our system’s recommendations at any time, for any reason. However, if you override SmartCharging sessions, your ability to earn rewards will decrease. We understand overriding when you need the vehicle, but recommend that you try to SmartCharge as much as you can to earn maximum rewards!

Why do you need me to sign this utility form?

In order for Honda SmartCharge to identify the most efficient times for charging and deferral of charging, and to verify your vehicle’s participation in SmartCharge events, our demand response provider must be able to access your utility electric meter data. Any time a third party needs access to your meter data, you must sign a form that grants permission to your local utility to share it. This form is called the Customer Information Service Request, or “CISR”. You are free to revoke that permission at any time, but you will no longer be eligible to earn rewards in the program.

Who is eMotorWerks? What is a Demand Response Provider?

eMotorWerks is the appointed Demand Response Provider (DRP) for the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program. A DRP helps customers to reduce electricity consumption and provides those reductions as a service to the wholesale electricity markets. eMotorWerks will coordinate with Honda to determine when it is best to charge your vehicle in the timeframe you have provided for charging.

What does eMotorWerks do with my utility meter data?

eMotorWerks takes your privacy very seriously. Your utility meter data will be used to verify your eligibility for enrollment and to verify your vehicle’s charging behavior during SmartCharge events.

How much can I earn with the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program?

Once you submit your authorization form to eMotorWerks for utility approval, you will earn a $50 sign-up reward. After that, your ability to earn rewards depends on how often you participate in SmartCharge events. We use a measurement of SmartCharge sessions compared to the total number of eligible charging sessions you have. If you participate in at least 85% or more of the SmartCharge events over a two-month measurement period, you will earn a $50 reward at the end of that period. If you participate in less than 85% of the SmartCharge events during that two-month period, your reward will be lower. See the table below:

100% - 86% Participation Rate (PR) = $50 Reward
85% - 66% Participation Rate (PR) = $35 Reward
65% - 46% Participation Rate (PR) = $25 Reward
45% - 26% Participation Rate (PR) = $15 Reward
25% - 1% Participation Rate (PR) = $10 Reward
0% Participation Rate (PR) = $0 Reward

Participation Rate (%) = Honda SmartCharge Enabled Sessions / Total Number of Eligible Charging Sessions

Eligible charging sessions are those that occur at your specified Honda SmartCharge locations in the HondaLink EV app.

You will be emailed weekly so that you can keep track of your Honda SmartCharge participation rate.

How are my SmartCharge rewards distributed?

Your rewards will come via email on an Amazon eGift card for the amount you earned. We will automatically send your $50 sign up reward after you submit your utility form (also known as the “CISR” form) to eMotorwerks. Rewards earned for participating in SmartCharge events will be sent via email on Amazon eGift cards after the end of the applicable two-month measurement period.

When do I start to earn my SmartCharging rewards?

You will get your first reward for signing up as soon as you submit your signed utility form to eMotorwerks for processing. Rewards earned for participating in SmartCharge events will be calculated based on your participation rate over a two-month period. Your initial measurement period begins on the first day of the month following the submission of your signed CISR form to eMotorwerks and ends on the last day of the next month. Participation-based rewards are earned on the last day of each two-month period in which you participate in the SmartCharge Beta Program.

My electric vehicle charger is not on a dedicated meter. Will this affect the power for the rest of my home?

No. Reductions in power for Honda SmartCharge events have no effect on the rest of your home. The scope of this program is limited solely to your Honda FIT EV.

I do not have a smart meter for my electricity. Can I still participate?

Yes. You can participate if you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements to participate.

My car is deep underground and cannot receive a cellular signal. Can I still participate in the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program?

No. Your vehicle must be able to communicate via cellular network to Honda’s servers. You can check your vehicle’s cellular signal strength when parking by reading the multi-information display after removing the key. See page 95 of your Honda FIT EV owner’s manual.

How does this actually help the grid? I would like to learn more.

The electric vehicle is one of the largest electrical loads in the home. It is also the most flexible--charging only takes a few hours at most, but the vehicle often sits plugged in for many hours. Honda SmartCharge takes advantage of this flexibility by scheduling charging for optimal grid periods. Our solution automatically starts and stops charging of vehicles in response to signals that indicate the level of demand or “congestion” on the grid is high or low.

Our ultimate goal is that when renewable energy is available, your vehicle will charge, and when congestion is high, your vehicle won’t charge. This allows you to be a “good neighbor” on the grid by not adding to the congestion, while also reducing your impact on the environment. However, at all times, Honda SmartCharge will attempt to honor your requested end charging time so that your vehicle is charged and ready when you need it.

By combining many vehicles together and shifting their charging around, Honda and eMotorwerks can use Honda Fit EVs as wholesale grid assets, essentially acting like a power plant in reverse. We ramp up charging when demand is low, and ramp down when demand is high. With enough vehicles, the grid operators could reduce their reliance on operating gas power plants to back up renewables like wind and solar. Currently, grid operators keep some power plants operating to prepare for drop offs in wind and solar. With rapid response SmartCharging and tens of thousands of connected EVs, we could be able to avoid having those power plants online, making the grid cleaner!

What if I have solar?

No problem. Having solar does not conflict with the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program. If you are on a time of use rate, set your SmartCharge start and end times to correspond with the off peak or super off peak time. In addition, you can let us know that you have solar when creating your Honda SmartCharge profile by selecting it under advanced settings.

What if there is not enough renewable energy during the period my vehicle is charging? Will I be stranded?

No. Our system is designed to ensure that your vehicle is ready by the time you need it. Your needs are a higher priority than renewable energy availability. We strive to maximize renewable energy usage, but if it is not available, we will still charge your vehicle so that it is ready when you need it. Also, if you need to override the default departure time, hit the charge button on the main screen of the HondaLink EV app, or use your key fob to initiate a charge.

What if I am on a Time of Use rate?

If you are on a time of use rate, you can still participate in the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program. Be sure to set your SmartCharge start and end times in your off peak or super off peak period to maximize your time of use savings.

Can I participate if I am already on a demand response program or enrolled in the CA sub-metering pilot?

It depends. Some DR programs do not allow you to enroll in multiple programs. We will notify you if you are not eligible to participate due to participation in other DR programs.

The CA submetering pilot does not conflict with the Honda SmartCharge Beta Program and you may be enrolled in both.

What if I have a question that is not addressed here?

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us at

If you have questions about utility forms, please contact eMotorWerks at